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Our services

We are keen to learn about your challenges and are happy to provide advice and operative support through implementation of critical changes. We can support you in moving onto the next level by providing alternative views and fresh energy when change is necessary. We like Project Base as a method for project management as it is easy and is related to the other common ones such as PPS.

The tools we use are tried and tested and includes among others:

Structure/Organizational Development

  • Development and anchoring of vision, strategy, business plans, KPIs and balance score cards
  • Development and implementation of new or adjusted management systems
  • Project/subproject management of acquisitions/divestments of businesses and acquisition integration management

Way of Working

  • Second opinion on balance sheet valuations
  • Project cost review process, training and cost management for construction projects and the percentage of completion method
  • Development and implementation of an integrated management system for business plan, budget, forecast and activity plans
  • Process mapping, efficiency evaluation and competency audit within administrative functions
  • Implementation of procedures for continuous improvement within administrative functions


  • Project management of the pre-study phase, incl feasibility, of new ERP initiatives

The above is to be considered as a selection of what we offer to support your company in your development.