Schnitzer & Company

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Schnitzer & Company supports your company's development!

The founder of Schnitzer & Company, Stefan Schnitzer, started his consultancy in 2012. He has got international and nordic experience from project management of operational development with emphasis on organization, management system, cost management, ERP system and administrative processes. 

We have led change management initiatives encompassing several parallel businesses but also in individual support functions. We have done so in the US civil engineering sector, the Nordic construction sector and the Swedish building materials manufacturing sector.

We have led visioning and strategy development initiatives, business plan development, economic analysis, project management administration and also implementation of cost management och HR processes. The projects have ranged from being at a global level to a local level and from the corporate board level to the individual employee.

Schnitzer & Company primarily targets businesses within the Nordic construction market with a special focus on businesses oriented around projects. We have good relationships within construction services, property development, HVAC and civil engineering consultancies.